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(music) Plural form of clave. Claves are a percussion instrument, consisting of two sticks or blocks, in which one is struck against the other in order to produce a 

( Blockm . ) Borrblock eller to Clean , v . a . Göra ren , snygg , S. Upplysare , förklarare , en som re : tubb att borra i el . mot . - Imperf .

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= ance , s . Clave , pret . af Cleave . Flarering för ett skepp .

Clave definition, simple past tense of cleave1. See more.

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larma ; tråta . maten . up your brow , fatta mod , Clávated , a . fnölig , hård . ftryk bort skrynklorna . = ance , s . Clave , pret . af Cleave . Flarering för ett skepp .

The clave

One is called the  Dancer Katherine Kramer teaches the clave rhythm pattern in this video from the Dance Arts Toolkit series. There is also a brief demonstration of call and  2018年9月19日 "the Clave" is a clave pattern metronome app for Android phones – with five selectable patterns including Son, Rumba, two Afro (6/8) patterns  It was found that Pressing's measure of rhythm complexity agrees well with the difficulty of performing these clave rhythms whereas the. Lempel-Ziv measure  Finding the Clave by Manny Siverio. I originally learned to dance Salsa/Mambo by breaking on the Â'1'. I had no idea of what breaking on Â'2' meant, let alone  The Clave of Idris, Alicante, Idris. 1336 likes. We are the Clave of Idris, located in our capitol city Alicante.

maten . up your brow , fatta mod , Clávated , a . fnölig , hård .
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The clave

(Zoology) zoology a clublike thickening at the upper end of an organ, esp of the antenna of an insect. [C19: from Latin clāva club] Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014. THE CLAVE, biography, events, dj mixes, discography, photos, cds/albums, links, news, booking information and much more.

22 . The clave (/ ˈklɑːveɪ, kleɪv /; Spanish: [ˈklaβe]) is a rhythmic pattern used as a tool for temporal organization in Afro-Cuban music. In Spanish, clave literally means key, clef, code, or keystone. It is present in a variety of genres such as Abakuá music, rumba, conga, son, mambo, salsa, songo, timba and Afro-Cuban jazz.
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Start your 30-day Audible free trial with a free audiobook: or text "12tone" to 500500It's easy to forget how important rhythms can

Essentially, clave is to Afro-Cuban music what the ride cymbal beat is to swing. The fundamental style, pulse, and feel are built upon those rhythms. This […] TO   associated with Cuban music styles: the son clave, cinquillo, and tresillo. (see Ex. 1). These cells are not exclusively used in Cuban music; they also provide the  17 Aug 2018 Clave (KLAH-vay) is the basic defining rhythm of Afro-Cuban Jazz and other types of African, South American and even Australian Aboriginal  The clave or claves, are two cylinders of solid wood struck one against another The Cuban clave rhythm comes from Benin and is developed in a four-beat  Примеры перевода, содержащие „Clave“ – Русско-английский словарь и she gets more that help her get to another type of Clave del producto level. The significance and regulative role of clave and similar cyclical timelines1 in Afro–Latin music have been established by many scholars, including Ned Sublette,  The clave is a rhythmic pattern used as a tool for temporal organization in Afro- Cuban music.

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Funkifying the Clave: Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums, Book & Online Audio (Manhattan Music Publications) [Goines, Lincoln, Ameen, Robby] on

Mixed media  Lexicon Philosophicum , quo tanquam clave Philosophiæ fores aperiuntur ; informatuni opera et studio Rodolph .